Custom design

NPO Geliymash designs and produces cryogenic equipment, including heat exchangers and vessels, air-separating, liquefying and refrigerating plants, helium management systems, natural gas processing plants, plants for producing helium, turbine expanders, power generating turbine expanders, pipelines and other equipment.

Taking into account the specific character of the cryogenic industry the equipment produced is mainly exclusive, designed according with the client’s requirements.

Helium liquefying and refrigerating plants, air-separating plants of low productivity, including the plants which use the pressure swing adsorption method (PSA), turbine expanders, cryogenic fuel tanks for vehicles using liquefied methane (our company is the pioneer on this sector of the domestic market), methane liquefiers, Dewar flasks, both industrial and used for biosubstances storage have always been the strongest points of NPO Geliymash.

The organizations and enterprises which use our equipment represent almost all sectors of the national economy, including industry, academic, research and educational institutes, medicine, agriculture, space industry and energy sector.

The company has a complex of modern high-capacity equipment made in Russia as well as abroad, a large number of test blocks and special equipment for quality control. The company’s staff are highly qualified and have extensive working experience.

JSC NPO Geliymash system of quality was certified according with the international standard ISO 9001, which allows us to offer our clients products of the highest quality.